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How to Choose The Right Material For Your Patio

Jun 23, 2023Decks & Patios

right material for your patio

How to Choose The Right Material For Your Patio?

Summer is knocking on front doors and there is no better time than now to invest in a new patio for enjoying the outdoors this summer.

For those just getting started, patio contractors recommend that homeowners consider the different materials that can be used and choose the one that best suits them and their house.

The right material for your patio installation project will depend on many factors including the type of patio the homeowner desires, the size, and the patio-building budget.

What Type of Patio?

Before attempting to choose a suitable material for your patio, homeowners should first decide where they wish to install their patio and what type they will build.

Uncovered outdoor patios can be installed almost anywhere in a backyard, at almost any size with or without the added function and adornments of built-in seating, walls, and other permanent fixtures.

Covered structures that extend off the back of the house are another option for patio installation and a great choice where the protection of a roof is desired.

In either case, there are materials that are more or less suitable for these types of installations.

Materials for Simple Uncovered Patio Installations

Homeowners planning a simple, uncovered patio installed by a patio contractor in Alexandria, VA, can choose from a variety of durable, weather-proof materials:

  • Poured Concrete – A patio made from poured concrete can be very affordable and durable. A popular choice by many homeowners, concrete can be formed into any shape, stamped with attractive patterns, or made to look like other materials. It is also easy to care for, although cracks do happen occasionally.
  • Brick – Desirable for the many shades and colors they come in, some homeowners choose durable brick for their patios as it can be arranged in attractive patterns with random shades in a chosen color creating a more natural look. Brick patio installations can be completed very quickly and easily on a prepared level base. While bricks can crack, individual bricks can also be replaced.
  • Paver Stones – Available in countless shapes, sizes, and neutral shades, paver stones are made from natural stone and create a very natural appearance for an outdoor patio. Cut in various thicknesses and shapes, they look attractive in any yard, are hardy against any weather, and rarely crack. Stone pavers are the most expensive option of the three, but many homeowners find them to be well worth the extra cost.

Great Material Options for Covered Patios

Homeowners who choose a more complex, covered patio that matches their home on the outside will still need to choose a good interior and floor material for their patio.

While patio contractors can match the exterior of the structure to that of the house using stucco, wood shingles, brick, stone, or other facing material, many homeowners choose to construct their entire covered patios from wood, regardless of what is on the outside of their house.

Depending on the design, those built at ground level can still incorporate a concrete, brick, or paver stone floor, but an elevated wood deck floor is also a popular option for many.

Many Materials Choices For A Great Backyard Patio

Every homeowner’s idea for having a patio installed and how they wish to use it is different.

Fortunately, there are many different materials that patio contractors can use to create just the right look.

When ideas for a new patio start blooming, homeowners can look online for inspiration using different materials, then discuss their ideas with a contractor who can help make patio dreams a reality!

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