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How Garden Makeovers in Northern Virginia Increase Value of Properties

Jul 9, 2024Hardscaping, Landscaping

garden makeovers in northern virgina

Americans love their backyards, whether it’s a few acres, small suburban yard, townhouse patio or even a balcony or rooftop garden.

This means that many property owners invest both their time and money on designer inspired garden makeovers Northern Virginia, simply because they want to provide the best outdoor spaces for their families.

Even the recent movement towards downsizing still hasn’t negated our bond to gardens.

This is most probably because we want to bring that outdoor feeling inside our homes, but it’s also likely due to our love of BBQs and family gatherings.

Whatever the reason for our attachment to gardens, a well-designed and maintained garden can significantly increase the value of your home.

This increased equity can be very important to people who want to renovate their homes or sell them, because buyers love landscaped gardens.

How much can garden makeovers increase the value of Northern Virginia homes?

Beautifully designed and maintained gardens can increase the value of properties by up to 25%.

This won’t be true for everyone’s properties, but 15% to 20% is a good guideline and should be eminently achievable.

Many of our clients have told us that it was their outdoor landscaping that actually clinched the deal when they sold their previous homes.

Many real estate agents also state that designer inspired and well maintained outdoor spaces can draw a significant amount of interest from buyers.

It’s not just people wanting to sell their homes that are interested in increasing its value with a garden makeover.

Northern Virgina has such a fabulous climate that many homeowners want to take advantage of our beautiful weather with a revamped outdoor entertainment space.

If a side effect of an awesome garden is that you increase the value of your home, no-one’s going to argue the point!

Then there’s the trend towards downsizing or simply living in a large home on a smaller plot of land.

In both of these instances the garden areas are very limited, so it pays to design a wonderful space that acts as an extension of your home.

A small scruffy yard doesn’t put a smile on anyone’s face! Many Americans, particularly those living in cities or highly dense urban areas are moving away from large gardens that have an expanse of grass and not much else.

Instead they are refocusing on paved terraces, alfresco dining, large entertainment areas and outdoor kitchens, literally creating outdoor rooms or destinations in their gardens.

In fact, one of our clients recently told us that the view from their home out into the garden was just as important as the view from the garden inside their home.

This means that for many Americans, their garden makeovers are just as important as their bathroom and kitchen renovations in Northern Virgina.

On top of this, we can’t forget that councils in highly urbanised areas are also investing in green spaces because they have shown to improve our mental health and there are plenty of apartment blocks in Northern Virginia with rooftop gardens.

It seems that everyone wants their own slice of greenery, whether it’s in their own back garden or a wall of vertical plants growing in their small, terraced patio.

It’s also fair to say that if buyers are aware that your garden was designed by a professional landscaper in Northern Virginia this information can definitely increase their interest.

That’s because a professionally designed garden takes your home’s intrinsic value to a whole different level that’s reflected in its price.

What are the best landscaping tips for increasing your equity?

One of the best times to sell a property is in the spring when flowers and trees are in full bloom and buyers can really appreciate a property’s outdoor spaces.

It’s even better if you have a pool, because with summer round the corner, a landscaped garden and pool area can be the tipping point for many home buyers.

So if you want to increase the value of your home, whether because you want to sell your home, pull out the equity or simply enjoy knowing that it was money well spent, what’s the best upgrades to make?

You can create a garden retreat, private oasis or entertainer’s delight! What’s right for your garden makeover in Northern Virgina?

Lay new turf

If you’re considering selling your property then laying brand new turf is a great way to increase the value of your property.

So consider laying a new lawn in both the back and front of your home, particularly at the front as this increases your home’s curb appeal.

New turf also makes your property stand out from other homes that a buyer might have viewed, giving it a fresh and low maintenance appearance.

Plant advanced trees

We don’t mean a tree that’s 50 years old, but a good size tree that already has some significant growth.

Even if these replanted trees are only 2 or 3 metres tall, they will eventually grow into a beautiful shady tree for your garden.

If you don’t want to plant a large tree in your back garden then plant one near to the nature strip at the front of your property, because this will add to the curb appeal of your home.

Decking and patios

There’s nothing quite like a large expanse of beautiful hardwood decking to give your home a deep connection with the outdoors.

Decking instantly adds a certain ambiance to outdoor spaces and it also allows you to create different zones, such as alfresco dining areas, lounging areas and other external ‘rooms’ that expand your living areas.

Add screening plants

If the people next door can see into your garden it’s a good idea to include screening plants in your garden makeover.

Northern Virgina has many houses that are now built very closely together, resulting in a significant loss of privacy.

So planting clumping bamboo, native lilly pillys or any plants that grow at least 2 metres tall will increase your backyard’s privacy.

You can also install privacy screens if you prefer a lower maintenance option, but whichever strategy you choose, a private outdoor oasis will be a great addition to your home!

For professionally landscaped, designer inspired, garden makeovers in Northern Virginia, call Stoneman Landscaping on (703) 772-9790 to discuss your needs.


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