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How To Care For Your Lawn: Our Season By Season Guide

Jun 23, 2024Landscaping, Maintenance

care your lawn

Americans know how severe and extreme the seasons can be – from frosty winters to scorching summers.

Keeping your lawn happy throughout these seasons is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy lawn.

Soil types and weather conditions vary greatly across our beautiful country, so knowing what, when, and how much attention your lawn needs is vital.

Having an immaculate lawn all year long is everyone’s dream.

To some, it may seem like a chore, but the green goodness of your lawn can be a representation of the many enjoyable hours you’ve spent working on it.

We’ll delve into your lawn’s food and water needs, and what to keep in mind during the year.

It’s feeding time

Humans love food. Your lawn loves food. That’s why it’s important to understand what to feed your grass, how much, and how often.

Ideally, fertilizing your lawn once every season, aside from Winter, will ensure your grass is keeping well-fed.

Fertilizing a lawn will last up to about three months. If you prefer to feed your lawn only once a year, Spring is the season to do it.

Make sure the fertilizer is slow release, to keep your grass happy for longer.

Drinks on me

Well maintained lawns will survive drought conditions longer, so give your lawn that extra care to ensure it is healthy and happy.

When it comes to watering your lawn, keeping a healthy lawn will mean your grass doesn’t need a drink as often.

Watering in the morning is the best time, especially during the warmer months.

Maintaining a green lawn can sometimes be tricky, but it’s not something that should be avoided or dreaded.

With all the seasons changing, it’s important to modify the way you care for your lawn.

Here’s a quick guide on how to maintain your lawn no matter what season you’re in

How To Care For Your Lawn By Season

Sizzling Summer

Lawns need to stay hydrated, so watering your lawn in the morning during summer is the ideal time – watering any time after this can cause humidity which can result in fungal problems or even potentially scolding the grass.

Next up: lift those lawn mower blades and let that lawn grow its hair out a little – this will also help to provide shade and cooling to the soil and roots, which will also help to retain water better.

Mowing in the morning is also the ideal time to prevent your grass being put under extra stress.

Autumn Breeze

Unless you are only feeding your lawn once a year, Autumn is the second-best season for a bit of grub for your lawn.

Giving your lawn a feed will also help to prepare it for the upcoming Winter months.

You won’t need to mow as much in Autumn, and this will also help to prepare for Winter.

Less stress on your lawn will also help it to store energy, which is again important before the colder days arrive.

Winter Chill

Across our beautiful country, our lawns tend to hibernate during the Winter months.

This means to pull back on your mowing, feeding and even watering, unless it’s been a bit dry, and your grass is getting thirsty.

Keeping those grass blades long will give more surface area to the grass, which gives it much more surface area for sunlight.

Sunlight is usually less available in Winter, so we need to maximize the amount that our lovely lawns can absorb.

Spring Time

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well to a lawn, Spring is the most important season for your lawn to have a feed.

A slow-release fertilizer is ideal to apply in early Spring, and this will help your lawn to prepare for the upcoming hotter months.

Water your lawn when needed and aim to do this in the morning.

The lawn has just come out of Winter, so the soil may still be cool and may not need watering as often

If you aren’t sure, dig your finger in to the soil and do a moisture check. If it’s pretty dry, give it a good watering.

Listening to and observing your lawn is always important. Across our vast country, we experience many different types of weather and temperature conditions.

The most important takeaway is that you’ll water the lawn only when needed plus feed your lawn at least once a year. Spring is the best time to do this!

Remember to also not to cut your grass too short, especially during the months where direct sunlight is reduced. Let’s keep those lawns smiling all year round!

With the help of our team here at Stoneman Landscaping lawn care doesn’t have to be a chore.

It can be a pleasant experience, even though it does require a bit of work. A lush green lawn is a result of consistent work that you should feel proud of.

The seasons change and so should your lawn care – and if you don’t know what to do or where to start then you can always reach out to us.


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