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Hiring Patio Builders: This Is What You Need to Know

Aug 22, 2023Decks & Patios

patio builders

It’s finally time—you’re ready to build that backyard patio you’ve always wanted. You know what you’re looking for, but how can you find the right patio builders for the job?

Hiring patio contractors in Northern Virginia can be tough, as it’s hard to know which company has the skills and expertise to transform your exterior space into a beautiful outdoor patio.

If you’re just getting started and are unsure how to find the right company, we are here to help.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know before hiring a patio builder for your home or commercial project.

Hiring Patio Builders: This Is What You Need to Know

Research and Review Local Patio Builders

When hiring patio builders in Northern Virginia, reviews are everything. Customers depend on reviews more than ever, with 92% of customers reading reviews before hiring a company.

Research and review professional patio builders in your area, looking for companies that are trustworthy, reliable, safe, and can produce quality results.

Unfortunately, there are some untrustworthy contractors out there. So, reading reviews from homeowners helps you find the best one for your patio projects.

View Examples of Their Work

When it comes to patio designers, know that all builders aren’t created equal.

To find the right person for your backyard project, look at their photo gallery of patios to learn more about their style and craftsmanship.

That will help you find a company that can design exactly and build exactly what you’re looking for.

Review Quotes Carefully

After patio builders has visited your home and given you a quote, or estimate, for the job, you’ll want to review it carefully.

A good estimate should include start and finish dates, payment terms, cost of materials and labor, and any required permits.

If you have any questions about the estimate or the project scope, be sure to ask before signing a contract.

Consider Your Budget

When researching patio builders, it will save both you and the company time if you know, roughly, how much you’d like to spend on the project.

This helps you find the right builder for your budget.

However, you can also ask a builder what they’d be able to build based on your budget, working out a patio design that will suit your needs.

Contact Us for Expert Patio Contractor Services

Finding the right patio builders in Northern Virginia can be tricky, but if you use the tips above, you’re sure to find the right company for the job.

If you’re in need of a professional patio company in Northern Virginia, then Stoneman Landscaping can help.

We have more than 18 years of experience with both residential and commercial projects, designing and building beautiful patios, decks, and backyard spaces.

We pride ourselves in having a strong attention to detail, creating gorgeous exterior patios that will be enjoyed for years to come.

To get in touch about your patio project, contact us today. We look forward to working with you to bring your design ideas to life.


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