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7 Questions to Ask Your Fencing Contractor in Northern Virginia

Sep 9, 2023Fences

fencing contractor in northern virginia

7 Questions to Ask Your Fencing Contractor in Northern Virginia

There are many functions of installing a new fence.

Whether you are replacing an old one or creating a new boundary your fencing can dramatically improve the appearance of your property.

It can also make sure your privacy is safeguarded and the security of your property is up to standard.

Regardless of the fencing function you are after, the main topic for discussion is – who you are going to use and – what questions should we ask.

We always recommend professional installation, a fencing project can be undertaken by DIY enthusiasts but if you want a sturdy, clean looking fencing construction then you need a pro job.

Don’t be cheap either, making sure the quality of the products is up to a high standard is paramount to you having a successful perimeter boundary around your property.

So the 7 question you need to ask a potential fencing contractor in Northern Virginia before instruction them to go ahead are as following

7 Questions to Ask Your Fencing Contractor in Northern Virginia

When is the expected completion time?

This involves two very important matters. First of all, how long will it be before they can start the work? Then once started, how long it will take to complete.

So that’s the lead in time and the installation duration time.

Always ask how contractors conduct their works as some will start jobs quickly just so you are in their pipeline, but will not finish the job for a long time because they have so many more open contracts to complete first.

You want a fencing contractor in Northern Virginia who will work every day on your project until it is completed.

It is worth waiting a few weeks if you’re chosen fencer is busy and can’t start your work straight away if they are the type of company that does fencing the right way.

How much will it cost?

Sorry for pointing out the obvious!

But I did know of a couple who hired a contractor for some building works and they had not agreed on a price before the builder started.

By the time they had found out he was going to charge extortionate amounts the job was already completed and the guy was demanding his money.

When getting your quote make sure everything is included with a detailed breakdown. You really should not want to have extra elements or surprises added at a later stage.

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Do They Offer Warranties or Guarantees

There should certainly be a warranty on the materials and products used by the installer. Ask them if they will provide paperwork for this.

If they offer a company guarantee then you just make sure you have a point of contact should anything go wrong.

This is why it’s best to seek a well-known local company who have a local base you can pop around to should the worst happen and your fencing job completely fail the first sign of any strong weather.

Can they provide References?

If you are dealing with an honest and reputable fencing contractor in Northern Virginia then they will be more than happy to provide examples of their work.

They should have a website showing pictures or even provide you with names and addresses of people who they have fitted for previously.

You will get a feel on how happy a worker is to discuss previous work and how happy their customers are because it will come across in their attitude and presentation of their work.

If they are quiet about existing customers then beware that the subject of happy customers might be worrying to them as they have recently messed up a job and had very unhappy customers.

You don’t want to be the next in in line with another shoddy job.

On the flip side, if they are buoyant and excited to tell you about the great testimonial one of their recent jobs completed then they will be (should be) shouting from the rooftops about them.

What will happen with the Existing Fence?

If you are having an old fence replaced then it is important to ask if they help with the removal and recycling o the old materials.

You don’t want a firm removing an old wooden panels and just leaving them in the garden waiting for you to take them away.

They are the contractors and it should be part of what they offer within their service, if they do not then try someone else.

Make sure they are clear on their responsibilities right from the start.

Provision and Selection of Materials (Wooden Fencing Types)

Some fencing contractors in Northern Virginia will only provide installation, not supply.

This means you will have to source and purchase the materials yourself, you may be able to get cheaper product this way.

However I would suggest that you choose a company that can give advice and supply the materials themselves.

Purely because there cannot be any argument about whether the correct wood or material has been selected, if the fencing company has brought it then it’s their fault if the wrong material or quality has been bought.

Process of How the job will be build

I like to understand not only the cost and the timescale but also the building process that is going to take place.

You don’t need a detailed step by step but it would certainly help if you know roughly how your fence is going to be constructed.

If you get vague answers at this point then alarm bells should be ringing about the authenticity of the firm you are using to build your fence.


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