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7 Common Residential Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

May 24, 2024Landscaping

residential landscaping

Residential Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Creating the perfect outdoor living space can sometimes be much easier said than done…

Even the most experienced gardeners and landscapers can make mistakes when designing residential landscapes, so to ensure that your outdoor oasis is set-up to last for years to come, it’s important to avoid these common residential landscaping mistakes:

7 Common Residential Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Not planning ahead

No matter how small or large your landscape project is, it’s important to plan for the future, such as considering what type of plants and materials you want to use and figure out how they will fit in with your existing architecture.

You should also consider the amount of sun, shade, and water a certain area will receive before selecting plants or hardscape elements like seating areas or pathways.

Ignoring seasonal changes

Another common residential landscaping mistake is forgetting about the seasonal changes that can cause plants to die off over time.

This is why you should choose varieties that are appropriate for the changing seasons in your area and monitor your plants for signs of stress such as wilting or drooping leaves.

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep your garden looking lush year-round!

Poor landscape design

Poorly designed landscapes are often unappealing and difficult to maintain.

Before making any decisions, do some research on basic landscape design tips and tricks so you know what works best in each area of your yard – for instance, try to group different types of plants together based on their needs to create a garden that’s easier to care for.

Too much lawn care work

If you have a lot of lawn space in your yard, it can be tempting to frequently use chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Not only are these chemicals bad for the environment, but they can also damage grass roots if misused.

This is why you should try using natural alternatives like mulch or compost instead, which provide slow-release nutrients while improving soil quality at the same time.

Inadequate drainage system

Poor drainage is a frequent landscaping mistake, and is one of the biggest causes of problems with residential landscapes as it can lead to pooling water which drowns plants and creates an ideal breeding ground for pests like mosquitos.

Make sure to invest in a good drainage system from the start so water gets directed away from delicate plantings quickly and efficiently.

Neglecting maintenance

Just like any other part of your home, maintaining your newly landscaped area is essential if you want it to remain beautiful and healthy for years to come.

Keep on top of weeding, mulching, pruning bushes and trees, as well as other tasks such as raking leaves and monitoring soil pH levels.

Regular watering schedules should also be established depending on the plants in your landscape (not all require the same amount).

The more effort you put into maintaining your garden now, the less work it will need later on down the line!

Overcrowding plants

If you’re looking for instant gratification with a lot of colour then it’s easy to go overboard when planting.

Many people make this mistake by crowding too many plants into small spaces – resulting in overgrown patches that look messy and take up valuable growing space from other plants nearby.

To prevent overcrowding in your garden beds, choose a selection of shrubs and flowers that will form attractive shapes while complementing each other’s growth habits.

Remember: it’s okay to leave it to the experts!

By following these easy landscape design tips for beginners, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving success with your residential landscape design project – no matter how big or small!

But you don’t always have to handle it yourself.

By partnering with a reliable landscaping professional in Northern Virgina like Stoneman Landscaping, we can work with you to develop a plan for your residential landscape project that avoids common mistakes, needs minimal maintenance, and ensures maximum enjoyment for years to come.


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