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Adding A Concrete Patio To Your Backyard In Northern Virginia

Feb 28, 2024Decks & Patios

Adding A Concrete Patio To A Backyard

Are you looking for an outdoor space that will look great for years? Consider adding a concrete patio to your backyard in Northern Virginia.

Learn more about concrete patio design options, maintenance requirements, and drawbacks. You will be glad you did!

Read on for the tips for choosing the perfect patio for your backyard in Northern Virginia. Then, select the concrete color that goes with your home.

Once your patio is complete, you can relax on your new deck!

Design options

Design options for concrete patios are virtually limitless. They can be stamped, stenciled, or engraved with designs.

They can even be made to resemble natural stone, brick, or wood. Depending on your preferences, numerous materials can be used to create these patios.

Read on to learn more about concrete patios and how you can use them to build your dream outdoor living space.

The benefits of concrete patios are too numerous to mention.

In a stunning example of a concrete patio, the architect chose a stone wall and a wooden bench to surround the swimming pool.

The resulting deck is a seamless transition from the indoor to outdoor space. A cantilevered roof also protects it.

The result is a space that feels both warm and inviting while maintaining an overall sense of unity and style.

A concrete patio is often the only option, as the materials are easy to maintain.

Maintenance requirements

Concrete patios are easy to maintain and inexpensive to install. You only need to seal it every two years to keep the color and prevent chipping.

Stamped concrete is easy to install and requires less labor than interlocking brick.

However, you will still need to regularly clean and reseal the concrete to keep it looking its best.

It is best to hire a professional patio contractor in Northern Virginia to do this job as it is challenging to perform the maintenance yourself.

To maintain the look of concrete patios, you must regularly clean and seal them. Cracks are a normal part of concrete but can be easily repaired.

When you walk on your concrete, take note of any irregularities. These can be easily remedied by cleaning.

You can also apply decorative concrete to prevent stains and damage.

However, recoat is highly recommended once every three to five years, and more often in a high-traffic area.


Concrete patios look great, but they have some drawbacks. The mixture of concrete can be tricky, and improperly mixed concrete can crack.

In such cases, you must remove your patio and redo it.

Additionally, concrete is not DIT-friendly, so it’s more difficult to make repairs if you’re not a handy person.

Concrete slabs are also prone to cracking, which can be a hassle for inexperienced DIYers.

A concrete slab is cheaper than a natural stone patio and is much easier to maintain than individual masonry paving units.

Concrete also doesn’t contain the sand-filled joints that encourage weed growth. In addition, individual pavers can be a tripping hazard.

Another disadvantage of concrete is its limited adaptability. They can’t quickly expand or contract, and weeds can sprout up.

At Stoneman Landscaping we oversee every project from start to finish with a full turnkey approach to quality control and client communication.

When you leave landscape construction to professional patios builders in Northern Virginia, you can count on a quality job well done.


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